Secretary Report December 2017

Secretary Report December 2017 has the following vector files:

Dec2017SecretaryReport   (doc)

Dec2017SecretaryReport   (pdf)

Contained within the Secretary Report is the following text:


Members present: Ruops, Whitmans, Palmers, Nichols, Crooks, Dunleas, Adams

The Secretary’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report were accepted. Dues should be sent to Judi Nichols for the upcoming year.

Judy is looking for ideas on how to reward those members who go above and beyond. After some discussion, a motion was made to give free Club membership for 2018 to Bruce Nichols and Don Palmer for their service to the Club.  The motion passed.

Carlos Heiligmann has volunteered to do the mailings of the newsletter for the next 6 months.

Don Palmer is working on having a membership sign-up on the Club website.  Items for sale will also be on the website.  Contact Don P. if you have anything to list. Members discussed how grateful they are to John Russo for setting up the website.

It was noted that the Grand National Meet will be held in July in Michigan.

The election of officers was held and results are as follows:

President:  Judy Whitman

Vice President:  Doug Crook with Bruce Nichols an alternate as needed

Secretary:  Jane and Don Palmer

Treasurer:  Judi Nichols

Judy brought several VCR antique car tapes for anyone to take.  Jim offered to transfer them to digital format. It was noted that the Club Banner should be passed on to the person hosting the next meeting.

Our annual dinner meeting will be held on February 11.  Jane and Judy will investigate locations. The March meeting will be on the 18that IOKA Farms in Hancock, MA.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Palmer, Secretary

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