Hats Off To Russo

The Hats Off To Russo is all about the 3rd Anniversary of the Region’s website. John Russo built so many features into the website that continue to work beautifully that the Region voted at the Dec 2017 Holiday party to acknowledge John Russo and his accomplishments contributing to the success and needs of the region.

We look at ways to continue to expand the website to serve the expanding needs of the many members and non-members. Recently a non-member asked whether they could sign up for membership online. We are exploring methods to achieve that goal.

Prompt communication to all interested members and non-members is one of the website outstanding features. See the CATEGORIES for all the other features.

If you have a need you would like addressed in the website please contact us by leaving your idea in the comment section.

Hat’s off to John Russo for his efforts to get our website up and running handily!!

Vector File For The Above:

RussoBuiltRegionWebsiteBirthday     (doc)

RussoBuiltRegionWebsiteBirthday     (pdf)

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