Members Cars

Last NameFirst NameYearMakeModel
AdamsJerry and Roberta1953Plymouth2 dr HT Cranbrook
Chrysler Imperial
P10 Convertible
P2 Coupe
C58 Sedan
CrookDoug & Natalie1941PlymouthP12 Business Coupe
PJ Deluxe
P2 Business Coupe
DunleaJim & Quin1947DodgePickup
DunleaJim & Quin1938PlymouthCoupe
DunleaJim & Quin1940PlymouthPickup (2)
GraySteve & Nancy1936PlymouthP2 Touring Sedan
GraySteve & Nancy1948PlymouthP15
HarveyEarl & Flora
HeiligmannCarlos & Kathy1947DeSotoSP-15C
HopkinsRonald & Barbara
LarawayTim & Patti1937Plymouth4 dr Sedan
LinkTom & Josephine
MatottRichard & Florence1952PlymouthCranbrook
NicholsBruce & Judi1966PlymouthValiant
NicholsBruce & Judi1946PlymouthCoupe
NicholsBruce & Judi1932PlymouthConvertible
NueschLarry & Lorraine1974PlymouthScamp
O’ConnorMike& Margaret-Ann1951Plymouth2dr Cranbrook
PalmerDon & Jane1933Plymouth/DodgePickup
PalmerDon & Jane1965DodgeDart "Lite"
ReynoldsSteve & Linda1940PlymouthSedan
RuopsVince & Carol1937PlymouthCoupe
SaywardRoland1936PlymouthP2 Sedan
WhitmanDon & Judy1957PlymouthFury Hardtop
WhitmanDon & Judy1961PlymouthFury

18 thoughts on “Members Cars

  1. Whitman 75 must either be a Dodge Dart or a Plymouth Valiant; can’t be a Plymouth Dart.
    Palmer 65 is Dodge Dart.

    1. On second thought a 75 Argentina Valiant is actually a Dodge Dart with a Valiant nameplate.
      Guess you could call that a Dodge Valiant or Plymouth Dart. Obviously the factory didn’t use authentic Plymouth Valiant parts to build that other than the badges!!

    2. Update chart June 2016 to reflect a couple of new members who bring more early 50’s Plymouths into the mix.

  2. Please add our 1936 P2 Touring Sedan to Steve and Nancy Gray’s list of cars. We have two the 1948 and the 1936. The site is looking great and we enjoy staying in touch while we winter in Arizona. Hope to see everyone next summer.

    Thanks! Nancy and Steve

      1. Pictures of yourself and the 48 and 36 are now posted in the Member Car Photos posting that will be running and continually updated as photos come in. Steve & Linda Reynolds have also submitted a picture which has been added to the posting. Click on any picture to fill your screen with the view.

  3. Love the new look, content and layouts. It should be interesting to anyone. I’ll make sure I push it to the regions. Judy

    1. We’ll apply a PC with a high speed spreadsheet to the case and set up a server to maintain the list as it evolves and grows. Such a problem needs a big time solution and not just a lot of spare parts!!

  4. Looking for a 57-58 Plymouth for a film shooting in Massachusetts in Aug.. can you help spread the word?

    Thank you

  5. I have a 1959 Plymouth belvedere that I would like to sell. I am looking for assistance with information on worth and how best to market it.

    If anyone is willing to “make me smart” I would greatly appreciate it. I also think if I want to sell it where better to start than a Plymouth car club

    1. The National Plymouth Owners Club covers activity in the USA, Canada, & some World locations & includes “For Sale” for your type car. The Colonial Region covers activity mainly in New England and adjoining states. There are other Regions focused on activity for their portion of the USA. You can advertise in one or more of the Region Websites and/or get an ad placed in their monthly newsletter as well as get an ad placed in the by-monthly National Bulletin. Provide the Colonial Region with enough detail on the car and I will post it immediately in the “For Sale” section of this Website (price not necessary). If you have the time to monitor, follow these newsletters and the National Bulletin to follow the values and descriptions to see where your car falls in the grouping. The Colonial Region would be glad to post the “For Sale” or “Wanted” ad as a service to not only the seller but also potential buyers.

  6. Hello Don, If you want to fill in the blank above for the model of my 1947 Plymouth, it is a P-15 Special Deluxe Club Coupe. Thanks! Tom D.

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