We are the Colonial Region Plymouth Owners Club

We are a regional club affiliated with the national Plymouth Owners Club

The Colonial Region covers New England and eastern upstate New York

Our members live throughout the region. We meet as a group about 10 times a year to socialize, compare notes and tips, plan outings and tours.

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  1. Hey there, I’m a current college student at OWU, but during the summer time I drive a 1951 Plymouth Cambridge coupe where I live in Mass, that I bought last summer. I am highly interested in joying the club and am more then willing to send over a few pics of my car.

    1. I’ll send you an email with our president’s email address.
      We have meetings just about every second or third week of the month so if you were available to attend you could check out the members and their cars as visitors are always welcome.

  2. I have just checked out (Found) your site and I am very excited. Being a Plymouth Owner (1972 Plymouth Duster clone) the going joke is I am the minority any where I go. I have been a Mopar person since my first Plymouth back in 1973 when I purchased a 1971 Plymouth 340 Duster 4 speed . God I loved that car. Without going on all of the links in just a few words where are you bases out of. I am presently working on my 1972 now to get it 98% done and road worthy and problem free (yes that is a big request) LOL. I am based out of Ct. Looking forward to talking with more Plymouth owners.

    1. The Colonial Region of the Plymouth Owner’s Club covers New England but we also have members in NY. We meet monthly mostly in the states of Ct., Mass., and R.I.. Our yearly Christmas party has been in Tolland, Ct. for several decades. See the upcoming monthly meets/events listed in the President or Secretary message to see if one is likely to show up soon near you in the near future so you can check the Colonial Region out. Members have Dodges as well as Plymouths which gives a wider base of knowledge since those makes tend to share powertrains, etc.

      1. up for Auction is a 1948 Plymouth Super Deluxe. selling this Sunday. may 21. fully restored to original condition. selling with no minimum or reserve. phone bidding accepted. visit webstersauction.com for pictures.

        thank you,

    2. Dan….hope your 72 Duster is showing progress over the last six months. Just finished welding a rear quarter on a 65 Dart & adjusted valves, replaced wiper pivots, working on hydraulic throw out bearing/diaphram clutch set up, etc. so there is some progress here. Since this is daily driver it’s a challenge to pull things off with a constant “off the road” time restraint. These efforts could make up some future restoration articles perhaps. Hope to hear from you……Don

      1. Thanks for the well wishes. Mine is not a daily. It was 85% done when I purchases it 5 years ago. The guy tried to pull it off as a original. It seems when he purchased it (he has money to blow but has no car knowledge) that is what he was told. Boy was he surprised after I went over it and showed him the real world. Wish I could drive it more though. When I am not working on the weekend I try to go to local shows.

    1. Members of Plymouth Owners Club Inc. have several alternative methods to apply for membership in the Colonial Region:
      1) Come to one of the monthly meetings to check us out &/or sign up
      2) Use the form(s) provided at this website under category “Forms and Applications”
      3) Request the form be sent to you so you can fill it in with your favorite PC/phone/pencil
      4) We are working on still yet another method coming at a future date

      Any info you supply such as email address, full name, phone number, or address will not publish at this website and is kept confidential even if you post a comment with that info here.

      Our next meeting is coming up next Sunday within possibly an hour of your location and is our big fun yearly holiday party event so it might be a great opportunity if your schedule affords it. Or send your email or address and we will respond. Or grab a form at this site, fill it in, & mail. Whatever best fits your situation.

      Hop on board and we’ll dial you in to insure you can participate in the fun, knowledge sharing, and event selections.

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