Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Retrofit

Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Retrofit is one way to get the clutch pedal effort reduced & improve your chances at driving your standard shift Mopar.

Part 1 in the series discusses “overview” and is presented in the following vector file:

HydraulicThrowOutBearingInstallation (doc)

HydraulicThrowOutBearingInstallation (pdf)

Contents of the file is as follows:

Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Retrofit

Part 1 – Overview:

Providing this info after only a few months of care free test driving.

Using current day hydraulic throwout bearing on the vintage Mopars provides:

  • Reduced clutch pedal activation force (great for your left knee in stop & go traffic)
  • Eliminates commonly occurring stock “z” bar clutch linkage failures
  • Provides added under hood room and access

Installation info shown is on a 65 Dart with 225 Slant six with 4 speed transmission. The 4 speed is a late model 70’s overdrive. The info provided could be applied to multiple engine and transmissions with some adjustments.

The big picture…………

Engine Block to Transmission:



Hydraulic Throwout Bearing on Transmission:


Master Cylinder to Clutch Pedal:


Major components for the install included:

  • Wilwood Compact Master Clutch Cylinder
  • Wilwood Master Clutch Cylinder Hydraulic Reservoir
  • Ford Ranger Diaphragm Clutch Pressure Plate
  • Ram Industries Hydraulic Throw-out Bearing
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • B & B 9 1/8 Clutch Disc
  • Transmission 1.375” Collar Adapter
  • Re-drilled Stock Flywheel
  • Reduced (Smaller Diameter Coils) Clutch Pedal Overtravel Spring

Master Cylinder Info:


Clutch Pedal Movement at Clutch Master Cylinder Attachment 1.125”

Maximum Allowed Clutch Master Cylinder Movement 1.4”

Volume of Fluid Displaced By Clutch Master Cylinder (in3) .49

Master Cylinder Reservoir Wilwood 260-7577:


99 Ford Ranger 3.0L 9 1/8 Diaphragm Pressure Plate:


Ram 78125HD Hydraulic Throwout Bearing:







Hydraulic Lines (-3AN) 48” long :


Re-drilled Stock Flywheel:


Reduced Pedal Effort also = to Clutch Pedal Overtravel Spring Allowed Change With Hydraulics:


Part 2 (details) to follow.



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