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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                                       November/December 2017

Colonial Region

As of the November meeting at Wright’s Chicken Farm Restaurant,  lots of antique car owners were still driving their old cars.  That is evident by the pictures of the event as taken by Don Palmer.  Many of our “country” areas have already stored their cars for the winter.  We have already had one road salting here in Hancock.  But, Nov 12 th was a perfect day to drive your antique.  We were again lucky to have sunny and comfortable weather.  It was so nice, we even had our meeting in the parking lot by the cars.  There were 2 other car clubs there as well, so it really is a special destination.

Thanks Vince for arranging the lunch.  A reminder, that reservations were required.  The table held 16 and we had 15 attending.

DUES are due on January 1st , so many chose to pay at the Christmas party.

A suggestion has been made to consider benefits for those that ;  1.Pay by Jan 31s,.    2.are active members, and   3. Go above and beyond to help the club.   We will discuss that soon.  We are also thinking about how we can honor John Russo, who set up our web page so expertly.  Put on your thinking caps.

ELECTION of officers is due at the December meeting.  If you have any nominations to make,  please contact Vince Ruops.  You can even volunteer if you wish.

We are also looking for a volunteer to send out the 10 newsletters to our members who do not have e-mail or internet connection.   You would only have to copy the originals and mail them monthly .  ( Even 6 months would help).  The club will reimburse you for postage and copying.

The December meeting is our annual Christmas party at the Palmer’s home in Tolland CT.   184 Buff Cap RD.

Jane needs to know how many are coming and what you will bring for food.  Please call her so we won’t have everyone bringing brownies.   860-875-0022   If you wish to join the yankee swap, bring a grab bag gift . (around $10)


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